GBK Product Shoot

Green Beets Kitchen

What We Did

Creative Development
Food Styling


  • Overhead Shots For Each Product
  • Angled Shots For Each Product
  • Lifestyle Shots For Each Product
  • Shots Mixing Relevant Products
  • 16x9 For Each Product
  • 9x16 For Each Product
  • 1x1 For Each Product

The Brief

With their new range of innovative vegan products, Green Beets Kitchen wanted to shoot an entire set for their summer range. Fresh, vibrant and bright were the keywords given to us. There were also requirements to have the products be able to mix and synergies with each other in the imagery, to promote multiple purchases!

On Set In Our Studio
RED Cinema Camera

Production & Creative

Firstly we had a test shoot, so we could get a feel for the product, how it performed under intense light and the details on camera. We also played around different backdrops, colours and materials to settle on our final looks.

This meant that on the actual shoot day, no time was wasted. Food was being prepped from the start and lighting was a simple repeat process of where we had tested before. A carefully prepared shot list meant we had to the most efficient shooting order for each angle.


This is the clean up process, we aim to get everything as clean as possible in camera, this means the post process is far more simpler and less repetitive. No matter how hard you try there are always marks & imperfections. Working with our client and choose the best out each category.

Another major component was keeping consistency through out all products, different sizes and textures requires different lighting. So it took take for us to make sure all similar scenes had the same exposure.

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