Food & Tabletop

Highland Rye

Arbikie Distillery

What We Did

Creative Development
Video Production


  • 1 Minute Launch Video 16x9
  • Re-Cut For 9x16
  • Re-Cut For 1x1
  • Hero Stills From 6k Footage

The Brief

Arbikies unique Highland Rye is a four year distilled to perfect whiskey. A video was needed to match the distinct quality of the brand and so Tungsten was approached to accomplish. Requirements were for a single product launch video which displayed high-speed shots and a versatility that meant it could be cut up into smaller chunks for reusability.

High Speed Camera
RED Cinema Camera
On Set In Our Studio

Production & Creative

Our first day on set was focusing all on the food ingredients, liquids are a whole separate mess. We knew we would be mixing some of these shots with the liquid in post so paid special attention to how our backgrounds were shot.

On day two, we had crazy amounts of plastic on the floor and on set. When you're shooting slow motion the perfect shot looks well, perfect. But getting that shot takes plenty of mess, breakages, spillages, and too many swear words! On this day we had to pull three pouring shots, we totalled 132 takes but we got there!


We had a launch date to adhere too, so with a story board already signed off and the footage matching it shot for shot. Our team swiftly went to work on the edit and composites. A lot of our time was actually spend colour grading as there were brand colours that needed to match perfectly through out and that required pre-thought on set and after.

Imperfections show up very sorely on glass and paper labels, which meant a few clean ups but this attention detail is what really sells this whiskey as the product it is, premium.

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