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We're not just video producers. We're a team of filmmakers and storytellers, which means we’ll never be found thinking inside the box.

starts with your idea...





We communicate with you on the brief, understanding your needs and devising the perfect plan to make your vision a reality, offering our expertise where you might need it.

Both in-house and on location, we take care of all aspects of the production process from location, crew, equipment, set design, food styling, model scouting and more.

Our team delivers a full video and photography editing service, specialising in colour grading and VFX. These final touches are what truly bring your project to life!

The best part is that we're flexible. We can take care of the full process, or selected stages. Just tell us what you need, and we'll get to work.


Tungsten is a team of problem solvers. Not just for brands, but for each other. We thrive on each member of our little crew being completely themselves, both in their work style and their office banter - and that’s what makes us work!

Here are a few of the values we like to live by...


No Bosses, only leaders

We don’t see the workplace as a hierarchical, top-down system. Each member of the team is a valued contributor to our success because there’s no end product unless every one of us plays our part!


a reason for what we do

We aren’t just handy with a camera and efficient with editing software. We’re  passionate and experienced filmmakers putting a razor-sharp eye for detail and artistic flair into every project.



Moving forward confidently is about honesty every step of the way - without it, there’s a disconnection. Sometimes we’re all on different pages of the same book, but communicating to gather on one page is what keeps the cogs turning.


Checking in

Whether someone on the team has had an amazing week or a not-so-great-roll-on-next-week one, we want to know about it. We lift each other up either way, celebrating wins and helping understand and overcome challenges.


Working Together

Creative differences are a must. If we all thought the exact same way, our projects wouldn’t be nearly as exciting! While we are unified throughout the production process, we thrive on a little diversity.


Co-Founder & DOP
Andrew Beniston
Co-Founder & Producer
Simon Sturgeon
Director & Editor
Christian Holtappel
Marketing Manager
Polina Ami Kosele