Product Videos

Peanut Rocks

Funky Nut Company

What We Did

Creative Development
Food Styling
Video Production


  • 30 Second Launch Video 16x9
  • Re-Cut For 9x16
  • Re-Cut For 1x1
  • 12 Second Teaser Video
  • Re-Cut for 9x16
  • Re-cut For 1x1
  • A Hero Shot For Each Product
  • Photography For Each Product

The Brief

Funky were looking at expanding their range of flavoured nut butter and required content that would show the build-up of ingredients in their new 'Peanut Rocks' tub. The brief required us to create an impactful launch video that could be spread across social media, on their website and also in email campaigns.

Cinebot Camera Arm
High Speed Camera
On Set In Our Studio
RED Cinema Camera

Production & Creative

Spanning over 3 days, the shoot took place in our very own studio. Complete with 18,000 watts of light, remember the slower footage the more light it requires! 

Using our cinematic knowledge we took our creative starboards and transformed in to reality. We had a team of three assistants working round the clock on set, preparing ingredients, creating peanut butter mixes and styling the set. A great load of fun for everybody in the end, coming away feeling like we had accomplished something great!


After 36 total hours, and seriously questionable amounts of peanut butter, our team set out on compiling our footage. Choosing the best of takes and tastiest looking food.

The first priority was creating teaser videos, we wanted to maximise not only the launch but the build up before. We already knew we would accomplish this with dark variations of the head shots, silhouetted as to not give the game away. We had fun with cutting the shots into segments and changing colours for a funky effect!

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