Product Videos

High Speed Liquids

Grounded Drinks

What We Did

Video Production
Creative Development


  • 10 Second Slow Motion Pour
  • Overhead Liquid Reveal
  • Portrait Vending Machine
  • Close Up Condensation Shots

The Brief

Grounded drinks are an all-natural, all-vegan brand that offers smooth and creamy protein milkshakes, guilt free! They wanted us to show off their new and upcoming products, and what better way to do that than with a tantalising high-speed video. Our liquid reveal really pulls the viewer in and captivates their attention, leaving them wanting more. For the condensation visuals, we used our secret blend to create the perfect droplets every time and to make it extra desirable.

High Speed Camera
On Set In Our Studio

Production & Creative

For this production we wanted to make the shot all about the liquid, defining its smooth silky texture and making it really stand out. We used a clean, on-brand coloured backdrop to contrast with the products, as well as keeping a single sourced light to produce a prominent shadows in a minimalist style. Our clean ups for each shot were made easy with this backdrop as it was also spill resistant, meaning we could maximise on time and pay close attention to detail. We knew we had to work towards a very specific vision for our client, and we went above and beyond to ensure every detail was exactly as they expected.


With a specific deadline to work with, we wanted all hands on deck to ensure the client was provided with their footage as swiftly as possible. We perfected our grading work flow to make the liquid as desirable as possible to really capture its rich, creamy goodness. We also used our eye for detail to sharpen and fine tune the droplets, as they really make the image pop.

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