Branded Content

Reward Yourself

Northern Bloc

What We Did

Food Styling
Creative Development
Video Production


  • 10 Second 1x1 For Socials
  • 10 Second 16x9 For Ad Revenue Streams
  • Supplied Separate Hero Shots

The Brief

Northern Bloc, well known for their unique, bold-flavoured ice cream, surprised us yet again with their exciting new concept. The theme was to encourage people to reward themselves after a hard day of work with their new mini tub multipacks, filled to the brim with their sought after delight! We could all get on board with that idea, so we were keen to bring this to life using dark sultry backdrops and soft enticing lighting.

High Speed Camera
On Set In Our Studio
Cinebot Camera Arm
RED Cinema Camera

Production & Creative

With a lot of intricate planning, we went into this three day shoot with a clear view of our end goal. Having worked with Northern Bloc before, we knew just what they were into! To create the alluring final product, we spent time visually engineering the exploding products, using pneumatics and the Phantom Camera in front of our green screen. We were able to launch accurately with split second precision, reducing the amount of resets, executing the shot perfectly and saving time along the way. Everyone's a winner! Working with ice cream can be a tricky process under intense studio lighting, so we had a tight ice cream saving method in place to make sure not a single drop went to waste.


As we knew our finished product would be made for social ad revenue streams, such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok, we knew they really had to pop! The colour grading was everything on this one, and it really brought the theme to life. Trying not to get too distracted by the tubs of leftover stracciatella, we spent time compositing the green screen shots. Finally, we layered the music and made sure the beats matched with the pulses of the product to pull it all together, and to pull the audience in.

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