Branded Content

White Choc Honeycomb

Northern Bloc

What We Did

Food Styling
Creative Development
Video Production


  • 20 Second Launch Video 16x9
  • Re-Cut For 9x16
  • Re-Cut For 1x1
  • A Hero Still
  • Multiple 9x16 Story Teasers

The Brief

Northern Bloc teamed up with The Theatre Support Fund to create an amazing new product and they wanted us in on the action! The two words offered to us were "show biz", think The Greatest Showman! We knew this meant low lights, a premium feel and acrobatic feats!

Cinebot Camera Arm
High Speed Camera
On Set In Our Studio
RED Cinema Camera

Production & Creative

This shoot took 2 days to complete and plenty of pre-production. With our new upgraded light system we were able to show slow motion but with a lot less heat (thank god).

We used our knowledge of visual engineering to create shots that otherwise would only be a one in a thousand take and we didn't have time for that. A slow process and a clear vision but we had a solid plan that ensure we got each and every variable for the shots. We definitely ate more of the product than we were suppose too!


Once we were sure we had every shot, we started in on the ice cream... (eating it obviously). After that we got to work on editing. So far this has our most complex edit, as it required a lot of motion graphics skill to execute.

Our square aspect ratio was our hero as the majority of this work was to spread on social medias, once this was complete it's minor tweaks to alter for each ratio. The client expressed a paparazzi style ending, so using real lights we created flashes and enhance them in post for a believable effect!

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