Branded Content

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Savyll Beverage Company

What We Did

Food Styling


  • Five Different Scenarios
  • 8 Flavours in Two Variations
  • Giftbox Sets
  • Pack Shots For Entire Range

The Brief

Savyll approached us after viewing some of our previous work. Blown away by our stunning whiskey visuals, they wanted to partner with us to create a fresh, consistent brand reshoot. Being an international brand, care was to be taken to make sure each product had all the required variations to be marketed in multiple locations.

On Set In Our Studio
RED Cinema Camera

Production & Creative

Spread over 5 production days, the mammoth task of a brand shoot is never an easy one. Planning was key in this, each shot had to be pre-planned with every single shot to be delivered.

Using our expert knowledge from film, our abilities were used to create a fresh new take on any previous work for Savyll. A dedicated food stylist was brought on to ensure maximum quality and consistency. This like always, was an extremely important cog in the makeup of this shoot, if you have food, get a stylist!


After meticulously singing off every shot, our pre-luts already gave us a great starting place in our photo editing program of choice! Most of the editing is grunt work, a slow process but must be done to ensure quality.

When we shot, we had to ensure that all images would work in three aspect ratios, that's a tall order. To get the best out our glassware we took multiple different shots with extra lighting and that added more time to our compositing, but absolutely worth it as they turned out great!