Tungsten Primers: Shooting amazing slow-motion video on High-Speed Cameras

The second of our Tungsten Primers - a series of quick bite explainer videos on anything and everything video production.

Welcome back to Tungsten Primers - our series of quick bite explainer videos to pull back the curtain and show you how it’s done by an agile video production company.

In this episode, we’re giving a rundown of how we shoot slow-motion video and why it makes such an impact.

The challenges of filming in ultra slow-motion with our Phantom High-Speed Camera make it a more intensive but rewarding technique, producing cinematic videos that really highlight and draw attention to the finer details of any subject matter. It also lets us savor those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mini moments - another crucial ingredient in crafting those mesmerizing “impossible” shots that we love so much.

Have a look at the video below, and keep your eyes out for the next in the series in the not-too-distant future.

Integrating slow-motion video into your marketing campaign is guaranteed to keep all eyes glued to the screen! Whether it is a television commercial or a series of social media ads, we can make it look irresistible!

Want to see more? Why not click here to check out one of the finished social ads featured in the video, shot right here in Leeds!


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